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12-Hour eBook Method

12-Hour eBook Method

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The 12-Hour eBook Method: Write an eBook in Less Time Than It Takes to Binge a Netflix Series

📚 What's This All About?

Heads up, aspiring eBook creators! You've got expertise to share, but no time to write War and Peace? Get real, nobody’s got time for that. Enter the 12-Hour eBook Method—your fast-track ticket to becoming an eBook writer, with a little help from ChatGPT as your co-pilot.

🤖 ChatGPT: Your New BFF

So, you’re thinking, “An eBook in 12 hours? Stop yanking my chain.” No yankage here, friend. With ChatGPT as your collaborator, you're not just typing; you're turbo-typing. Think of it as having a creative buddy who doesn't eat your snacks.

📘 Inside This Box of Awesomeness

  1. Step-by-Step Guide: From zero to eBook hero. We give you the steps. You just follow 'em. It's like paint-by-numbers, but for words.
  2. Writing Prompts: You won't be stuck staring at a blank page. Our prompts are like creative caffeine shots for your brain.
  3. Google Doc Template Tutorial: Because you should spend time writing, not fiddling with Canva templates.
  4. Companion Workbook: The step-by-step guide is meant for you to take ACTION. The workbook helps with that.

🔥 Why You Need This, Like, Yesterday

  • Time's A-Wastin': You could spend months writing an eBook, or you could get it done in a weekend. Your call.
  • Sayonara, Outsourcing: Forget paying someone else to write your genius book. You + ChatGPT = DIY eBook magic.
  • Show Me the Money: An eBook isn't just words; it's a revenue stream. And this method gets that stream flowing, fast.
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